Constitution Day 2020 check out how the library celebrated Constitution Day 2020!

Debra Penkin MSW CFLE, delivered the fourth lecture of our faculty lecture series “Looking Beyond ‘Bad’ Behavior of Traumatized Children” (February 2020)

C/O 2019 Alumni Blanca Gaytan-Farfan, who now works with #WeCountOregon spoke with the library about her work as a Census Equity Coordinator and what everyone needs to know about the upcoming 2020 US Census. (February 2020).

Carmen Madrid and Nita Shah of MESO (Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon) presented “Entrepreneurship is a Game Changer” to the library. MESO is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed in the Portland area. (February 2020)

Dr. Ulf Spears recently spoke at Centre 205 about “Multiplying Leadership Families Through Mentorship and Coaching” the presentation drew a diverse crowd who were all engaged in Dr. Spears insights into growing leadership. (January 2019).

Local author Michelle Ruiz Keil, delivered an insightful talk about author identity, character development and how they intersect in Young Adult Literature and in her novel “All of Us with Wings” (October 2019).

Walidah Imarisha, a leading scholar and creative mind in Afrofuturism and Black Futures, discussed how science fiction and visionary fiction can be used for social change. Q & A Panelists also included community artists Akala Jaffi, Salimatu Amabebe, and Alley Pezanoski-Browne. Co-hosted by the Black Student Organization (February 2019).

Dr. Dyan Watson, associate professor at the Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling, co-editor of Teaching for Black Lives, Rhythm and Resistance, and Rethinking Elementary Education, spoke at the Library on her research on how teachers semantically encode race and the intersections of race and teaching (April 2019).

Dr. Lloyd Chia, Associate Professor of Science delivered our inaugural lecture for our library faculty lecture series titled “The Urban Church as Fair Weather Friend: White Flight to Gentrification.” (December 2018)