These ideas are for students who are writing formal papers in the form of a “HUM 410” or a Graduate thesis.

Undergraduate “HUM 410” Thesis

HUM 410 is a Senior Humanities Seminar course that explores personal, social, ethical, and religious issues related to selected disciplines in the student’s liberal arts experience.

WPU’s Senior Thesis, the “HUM 410,” is a tri-disciplinary paradoxical exploration. It is fulfilled through a 20-page formal paper or a creative project.

If you are bit curious about how to address the concept of paradox, feel free to explore the Library.

Graduate Academic Thesis

A Graduate or Master’s Thesis is traditionally more structured. The Graduate Academic Thesis has three main sections: Research Proposal, Literature Review and Thesis Sections and Chapters. Some graduate programs will require a Practicum or Capstone Project instead of a Thesis.

Research Support

In the beginning stages of writing your thesis, we suggest that you schedule a research consultation with a WPU Librarian. This consultation may help you identify key concepts, key words, subject specific databases, ways of structuring the essay or seminal works to help jump start your research.

Additional Writing Support

Remember that the Academic Success Center offers 1:1 tutoring for all Warner Pacific Students. Please visit their site to schedule an appointment.