This Help Desk page has information on how to make a library request.  This page helps you to request a journal article, borrow books and other library materials, receive technology help with myWPclasses, troubleshoot a library database platform or to request a research session with a WPU Librarian.

WPU Help Desk

1: Select “Submit Ticket”. Submit Ticket
2: Select “Library Services” and select the “next” button.
3: Enter your general information, including your name and email, and the type of Library service needed.

You have the following options:

  • Article Request: To request an interlibrary loan journal article.
  • Borrowing Books: To receive assistance in how to borrow books and other library materials from WPU Library or Summit Loans.
  • myWPclasses: To receive help with myWPclasses.
  •  Research Request: To request a research session with a WPU Librarian.
  •  Other: To make suggestions or comments.

4: Enter your issue in detail. If it is an article you are requesting, please include article citation. If it is a research request, please include your topic, what type of resources you are looking for (books, articles, newspaper articles) and when your paper or project is due.

5: Submit your Help Desk ticket. A library representative will contact you as soon as possible. For more immediate assistance, please call the Library at (503) 517-1102.