When I first came to Warner, I was a Music Business major because I have a strong love for music. After my first semester, I learned that music theory is not as easy as I thought. Although I am not afraid of a challenge, I was no longer finding joy in music because of my lack of understanding. I figured the technicalities of music is not for everybody, myself included.

I am currently majoring in business and hope to open a rescue shelter for animals someday. Music is still my first love so I am still active in the music department and in my spare time, I like to write and perform music.

I started working at the library because of my love for books and words. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I love to spend copious amounts of time reading and shopping for books. In the future, I hope that books can be a part of my career. Whether that be writing, editing, selling books, or working at a library. No matter where life leads me in my career, I want to be able to put goodness into the world. I almost don’t care what I end up doing as long as I am happy and if I can create happiness for others with what I do.