Our Mission

The Warner Pacific University Library’s mission is to utilize library systems, ideas, programs and technology to enrich university patrons’ creativity, learning, and community.

Our Vision

WPU Library aspires to become the center of academic scholarship, student retention. and community life.

Our Values

By forging co-curricular opportunities for students, the Library plays a vital role in connecting WPU’s core themes with learning outside of the classroom.

  • Collaboration
  • Inclusion
  • Radical conversations
  • Divergent solutions for academic success

Strategic Plan, 2018-2021

WPU Librarians lead various university-wide initiatives, including the new Faculty Lecture Series to elevate the faculty and student experience. Our strategic plan is based on user needs. These needs were articulated in campus survey results and consultations with campus partners like the Department of Student Leadership and Multicultural Programs, the Academic Success Center and the First Year Learning Communities (FYLC).

Strategic Directions

There are three cornerstones in our Strategic Direction. These cornerstones prioritize new and crucial initiatives for the Library.

Cornerstone #1: Resource Access Elevation

Cornerstone #2: Community Engagement & Transformation

Cornerstone #3: Advocacy, Diversity & Inclusion

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