There are many ways to describe Nadia Nelson—loyal, enthusiastic, ginger, 5’6. As a senior at WPU, she can be found outside in her natural habitat huddling under a tree to avoid the toxic rays of the sun. Nadia enjoys making music and taking long walks on the beach.

In her spare time, she works at the library. Highlights of her job include consuming massive quantities of free bread, collecting printing money, muttering to herself in the stacks, and helping people with their problems. “It’s the perfect job for me,” says Nadia. “When I was four-years-old I learned that librarians could eat at the library. Ever since then, I have wanted my turn behind the circulation desk. It’s a real dream come true.” Not only does she eat on the job, she also has deep theological conversations with her fellow librarians.

“Life is deep, you know?” she says. “You just have to find the right metaphor and take it as far as you can.” What’s next for this lovable Gryffindor? “My life is pretty open right now,” confesses the senior. “I am eventually moving to Ireland.”