Hello, my name is Thomas Ruddell. I am currently a sophomore here at Warner Pacific University. I am majoring in General Biology, and must say that going to this school was the perfect choice for me. Most of my life I was a social outsider and to that the relatively small campus size here is perfect for learning how to interact with teachers and students alike. It’s safe, with just enough stress to make me try.

The class sizes are small, so on the occasion that I have a question the teachers can spend a chunk of time explaining it. More than that, the teachers have the chance to actually get to know the students and in the case of my Genetics class are actually trying to personalize the instruction to our fields of interest while still covering the class subject in detail.

More importantly, my family has gone here for two generations, continuing the tradition was the perfect way to grow up. My life begins in Spokane WA, and for the moment leads here. With hope, my future may lead to a veterinary school or even to schools offering advanced degrees in entomology.