My name is Danelys Maria Rodriguez Puzo. I am a Latina, Hispanic, Caribbean, leader, and empowering woman majoring in Business Administration and Accounting. I believe that opportunities are out there; we just need to be smart enough to take advantage of them and use them purposefully.

I was born and raised in Cuba. As a kid, I was taught the importance of education and independence. Being raised in a single parent household in a communist country has given me different perspectives and experiences that have formed my life. I grew up in a loving and caring family that values unapologetic freedom, being heard and speaking your truth. My parents have always helped me to develop wings strong enough to fly on my own and have the sky as my only limitation for a destination.

When I was 17 years old, I found myself crossing the Mexican border to enter into a new world. A different culture was waiting to adopt me and challenge me. Every day is a different test, but also an opportunity that you have to take advantage of and stick to it.

At Warner Pacific I feel valued, people here know my name. They know what I am studying, where I work, my projects at school, and they care. Being active on campus has really marked my college life. I have gotten more experience in leadership and problem solving, and more importantly, the feeling of being useful to my community, where I am making sure future generations will have it easier. It is hard to find a place where people listen to you and support you, this is even more true for immigrants that left our lives behind. I have found that attention at Warner, where I am also a Commuter Rep, Financial and Managerial Accounting Tutor.