I always knew that I wanted to help others, to impact their lives in some sort of positive way. However, I have not been able to find a tangible path for me to fulfill this desire yet. Currently, I am an undeclared major, exploring different fields.

So far, Warner Pacific University has given me the opportunity to see different roads I can take, like nursing or social work, through various coursework and interviews.

During my time here at Warner Pacific, I hope to participate on campus, study abroad, and take in all I can through this school’s liberal arts education. So far, I have been able to be apart of WPU’s LatinX multicultural student organization,  Access for All — a club focused on the awareness and advocacy of mental health and disabilities — and the library as a student worker.

These extracurricular activities and jobs have expanded my views about the different communities around me, as well as allowed me to build upon my skills as a team member and leader. As for studying abroad, I wish to take a semester of school in the Middle East or Uganda. Having the opportunity to learn outside of the United States would be an enriching experience and another opportunity for me to add to my understanding of the world. Although it is my second year at Warner Pacific, I can definitely say that this institution is valuable both in the instruction it offers and its experience as a whole.